Logan Downs

Logan Downs



CrossFit Level One Certificate

CrossFit Level Two Certificate

CrossFit Coach - 3 years

About Coach

Growing up I was always an athlete, playing every sport I could get my hands on. In high school, I was a varsity lacrosse player and a conference weightlifting champion. I got into CrossFit and fell in love with the movements and heavy weights again. I love competing when I can and improving in any way I’m able to to get myself to a well-rounded functional athlete.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I am a proud transgender athlete so my passion for coaching weighs heavily in helping other LGBTQIA+ folks get their minds and bodies healthy. “Trust the Process” has been my motto in and out of the gym for a while now and it all encompasses what I do. Whether you’re starting out, learning a new skill, or just trying to get a 5lb PR on a lift; you have to trust the process of putting in the work and seeing the results from your labor. But it’s always worth it! You’ll be surprised to see the leaps and bounds you can make when you trust the process.

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