Jennifer Ligi

Jennifer Ligi

Coach and Personal Trainer



PRONatal Fitness

Movement For Trauma

Functional Movement Screen Level 1 NASM Senior Fitness

Brian Grant Foundation’s Exercise for Parkinson’s Training for Professionals

About Coach

Jennifer is married to her high school sweetheart, and the mother of her two beloved sons, ages 25 and 22. Jen and her family have three dogs, all rescued Boxers, and have fostered many others. Jen enjoys lifting heavy, running (occasionally), and defying outward appearances!

Turning Point

While Jen came from a sedentary family, she was always the active child who could be found outdoors moving in some way; riding bikes, roller skating, jumping rope, etc. As she got older, she participated in a variety of sports, running, swimming, gymnastics, and cheerleading; as well as ballet. Always an active person, Jen experienced a complete 180, when, after the birth of her second child, she experienced frequent, at times debilitating fatigue, and chronic illness. With that, she experienced weight gain that seemed to make everything worse. The wake-up call came when the numbers on the scale read higher than pregnancy weight gain. At that point, Jen took matters into her own hands, first by adjusting her eating habits, making one change at a time, then incorporating strength training into her workouts (instead of hours wasted on the treadmill.) As her body started to change, Jen started to look and feel better, and after finally being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, things really fell into place. Finally, she felt like the kind of mother her active boys deserved. In the years since, Jen has enjoyed running and lifting, and has enjoyed defying the aging process!

Motivation & Passion

Working as a personal trainer for many years, Jennifer noticed a disconnect in the way in which women tended to perceive fitness. She realized that for many women, the gym environment came across as inhospitable and intimidating. Jen strives to ensure her clients, both male and female, young and old, novice or veteran, walk away from their training sessions feeling a sense of mastery, accomplishment, and ownership. In other words, "You GOT this!!"

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