Logan Downs is 'Trans'-Cending Norms as the Latest Athlete to Join the All Fit Orlando Coaching Staff.

Logan Downs is the latest Athlete turned coach and he's 'trans'-cending all the norms on his way there!
Robert Schwartz
April 18, 2023
Logan Downs is 'Trans'-Cending Norms as the Latest Athlete to Join the All Fit Orlando Coaching Staff.

Hopefully you've had a chance to meet, workout with, or see Logan on our social media over the last few months. We met Logan a few months ago through our connection with the OUT Foundation who's mission is to empower young LGBTQ+ adults through access to inclusive workout spaces. Logan was looking for a new workout space after his old gym changed ownership and found All Fit Orlando through OUT.

In addition to being an OUT Athlete, Logan also works for the foundation, helping mentor other young athletes. Through the OUT foundations connections with many health and fitness organizations, Logan was able to complete his CF L1 & L2 certifications and was coaching and even at times managing his old gym. Logan is proud to now have 3 years of coaching experience he brings to All Fit Orlando.

Logans journey to this point is an amazing story. Logan is a Transgender man. Born a woman, living as a man who came out in 2014 and has been transitioning ever since. Growing up in the south, Logan knew nothing about being trans.

"I just knew I didn't feel right. I was a competitive weightlifter, athlete, and I still didn't like the way that I looked and felt. There was something inside that just didn't fell right." Said Downs.

Thanks to great organizations like the OUT Foundation, Logan was able to educate himself and learn and gain access to resources. While Logan states that surgeries aren't everything, to people who are transgender they can be lifesaving. Logan's top surgery was life saving to him and now he is dedicated to helping other young adults who are struggling with gender identity to learn more and provide them resources and access to lifesaving care.

Logan is joining All Fit Orlando as a coach and mentor to continue his mission of helping others. We are beyond excited to have him join our team, and can't wait for you to meet Logan too!  Welcome to the family Logan Downs. Let's get Trans-forming! We hope you'll support Logan by following his story on social media and joining us for one of his workout classes! You won't regret it! Thank you Logan for being such an inspiration to all of us at All Fit Orlando and to the entire LGBTQIA+ community!

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