3 Tips to Simplify Meal Prep

Meal prepping for the week doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive with these 3 tips!
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April 18, 2023
3 Tips to Simplify Meal Prep

Do you struggle with spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping for the week?

The problem is most people either make it too complicated or don’t start with a plan. They also believe that shopping "healthy" can be expensive and that is also just not true. Here's 3 tips to keep meal prepping short on time, simple, and cost effective.

1. Pick Your Staples For The Week & Get Them Prepped

We recommend picking 1-2 breakfast staples and 2 protein staples for the week. Try to pick options that don't use the same kitchen utensils that might slow you down.

2. Go Shopping With A List & Block Off Some Time To Prep Right Away

When you go to the store hungry and without a list, you end up buying extra things (or forgetting something you need) and often waste time.

Instead, make a list with what you need and go to the store on a mission!

3. Don't Forget To Prep Your Veggies

Spend a few minutes after you get home prepping all of your veggies and portioning them out into containers so they are grab-and-go!

Try these tips this weekend to help set yourself up for the week next week and let us know how it goes!

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