Americans Are Changing The Way They Workout

According to a recent report from ClassPass, weight lifting classes are up 96% since the beginning of 2022.
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March 14, 2023
Americans Are Changing The Way They Workout

The Growing Trend of Weight Lifting at Gyms

According to a recent report from ClassPass, weight lifting classes are up 94% since the beginning of 2022. This drastic increase has caused gyms to shift their focus towards more weight lifting areas and removing cardio equipment. This trend can be attributed to an increased understanding that building lean muscle is a healthier and easily maintainable way to build the body as well as more women overcoming the stigma that weight lifting is just for men. Let’s explore why this trend is becoming so popular.

The Benefits of Weight Lifting

Weight lifting offers numerous benefits for your overall health and wellbeing. Strength training not only builds strong muscles but it also increases endurance and boosts metabolism, which helps burn fat faster. Additionally, strength training is a great way to improve bone density, balance, joint function, and flexibility. It can also reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality.  As you can see, there are many different benefits associated with strength training that make it such an attractive option for gym members.

Another benefit of weight lifting is that it takes less time to complete than other types of exercises like running or cycling. If your goal is to get in shape quickly without having to spend hours at the gym each week, then weight training may be right for you. Plus, by focusing on building lean muscle mass instead of losing fat, you’ll have an easier time maintaining your physique over the long run without having to put in as much effort into your workouts each day.

Women Overcoming Stigmas in The Weight Room

In addition to the physical benefits mentioned above, another reason why weightlifting has become so popular is because more women are overcoming the stigma that it’s just for men. For too long women have been intimidated by the idea of entering the weight room and being surrounded by bulky guys who seem like they know exactly what they’re doing while she does not know where to start or how much weight she should lift for her size or level of fitness.. Thankfully this misconception seems to be dissipating as more and more female fitness influencers and athletes are entering the conversation about how beneficial strength training can be for women as well as men.

As gyms continue shifting their focus towards providing more opportunities for strength training exercises rather than cardio-focused workouts, we will likely see even more people taking advantage of these new offerings over time—particularly women who may have previously been intimidated by the thought of entering a “male-dominated” area such as a gym's weight room. From improved physical health benefits such as increased muscle mass and better joint function to improved mental health benefits such as reduced stress levels and improved sleep quality—the advantages that come with incorporating strength training into one's weekly exercise routine are plentiful and diverse enough that everyone should consider giving it a try!

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