Ronald Vega

Ronald Vega


Jumping 40 feet jumps going 40mph on a BMX bike while racing.



Applied Kinesiology Certified

Cycling coach

About Coach

I was an Elite BMX racer. My highlights were racing some Olympic qualifiers, and national and international races. It taught me patience and focus in a high-stress environment. I had to learn how to train smarter not harder. Sometimes having the patience to do less today so I can do more tomorrow. I’ve learned more from losing than winning. One of the biggest lessons was how to handle and overcome the 5 stages of grief when losing. Which I can apply to my life today.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I’m impassioned to serve anyone willing to go on the fitness journey and live this lifestyle. The lifestyle is what motivates me. Striving to be in the best shape I can with the body I have today and see clients wanting to do the same. My purpose for coaching is to help others with this lifestyle and teach what I’ve learned along the way.

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