Leo Burke

Leo Burke

Senior Coach and Trainer-Finalist for Best Trainer in Orlando 2022

Squat 325lb

Front Squat 225

Dead-lift 405lb

Overhead Shoulder Press 200lb

Bench Press 350lbs.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

About Coach

Always have had a passion for exercise. It started when I was young first playing baseball, then football. I started weight training when I started Boone High School, the rest is history.

Turning Point

The major turning point in my life was when I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw, physically and on the inside. I realized the only way to change was to take action which if you knew me back then wasn’t an easy thing for me to do. I took a chance and committed to fitness and helping people reach their individual fitness and health goals. I couldn’t believe I had been so afraid of taking a risk to do what I am truly passionate about doing. I haven’t looked back and am excited to continue to grow.

Motivation & Passion

Helping people do what I personally know is hard and seeing them overcome that doubt. I specialize in weight training to elicit change in one’s body composition. Fitness requires you to constantly challenge and push the body. But this is a big “BUT” it’s about finding your personal sweet spot. I don’t believe in crushing someone each session but do just enough so that by the next session we are able to work and not hate life because we are too sore. Volume is the key, I love educating and helping people find their “sweet spot” that causes the quickest and healthiest change.

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