Kaitlyn Garcia

Kaitlyn Garcia

Nutrition Team Manager, Master Coach and Trainer

Postpartum: 5k 25:03

Deadlift 235lbs

Bench 115lbs

Squat 170lbs


NASM and Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Certified

HSN Nutrition Coach. Specializing in High Intensity (HIIT)

Pre and Post natal

Strength Training style workouts

About Coach

I have always been a relatively active person- was on 3 cheer squads through high school. In college (due to a mix of family problems and struggling with mental health) I started to struggle with my health and weight. After a brief medical scare, I turned to fitness. I tried every kind of gym, diet, and had personal trainers, I did it all and learned SO much! About 5 years ago I decided to really embrace my love of fitness and nutrition and share it with others. Along the way, I also found a special place in my heart for running, strength training, and nutrition. I am here to help you set and achieve your goals, but MY main goal is to make sure you FEEL better. I also truly believe fitness should be fun, so dancing is highly encouraged.

Turning Point

I struggled for many years with depression, it ran in my family. In college, my mom had a health scare and I decided to drop everything I was doing to be with her. Of course, this did not help my mental health. I turned to food and made a lot of bad decisions... I became significantly overweight. Flash forward a few years, and I had my own health scare with the ultimatum to lose weight or my sight. That lit the spark I needed, and from there health and fitness became my passion. I'm happy, I'm healthy, my mental health is under control, and I love what I do!

Motivation & Passion

I have had a lot of ups and down in my life, but at this stage of my life... my daughter is my driving force. Everything I do is for her, I want her to be proud of her mama. Not to mention... I want to show her that women can be strong AF!

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